Liftshare Week (Liftshare)

Client: Liftshare
Project: Liftshare Week
Services: Advertising

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Humour that resonates

When it comes to liftsharing, preconceptions abound. The idea of making smalltalk with colleagues before work, when your morning coffee hasn’t taken hold, can be off-putting. But liftsharers contested this view. They told us that their boring and lonely journeys were improved by sharing the experience – and the cost – with someone else.

This was the basis of our Liftshare campaign. The character ‘lonely Paul’ was created – captured in situations needing more than one person – to raise awareness and inspire behavior change by flipping negative notions on their head. We wanted people to feel that it was odd not to want to liftshare. We wanted to demonstrate that everything is better with two (or more!).

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