Counting Lambs (Chloe Lamb)

Client: Chloe Lamb
Project: Counting Lambs
Services: Branding

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Symbols that conjure memories

Not much beats a comfortable bed and a great night’s sleep. It’s an ideal that harks back to childhood. But the dream of eight perfect hours seems to be just that as we grow up and the realities of adulthood kick in. Nevertheless, the associations of indulgence live on, making sleep-related products the perfect marketplace for a luxury product – and a luxury brand.

Recognising an opportunity in the marketplace, ‘Counting Lambs’ formed in 2013, selling a range of luxury eiderdowns. The name derived from founder Chloe Lamb’s name and a well-known idiom associated with a good night’s sleep. It was a brilliant brand foundation for osbornenash to get started with.

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