CGI Portal (Midwich Retail)

Client: Midwich Retail
Project: CGI Portal
Services: Design, Digital

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Never trust a thin cook.

Midwich provide highly sophisticated tech hardware to businesses in a variety of sectors, from huge format HD screens to projector systems and state of the art security. With a client base spread around the world, and products that really need to be seen in an action to be understood and appreciated, they rely heavily on digital tools to go to market, specifically a CGI environment designed to show tech solutions in-situ.

The problem was that their CGI environment was an off-the-shelf solution, technologically unreliable and only built to showcase a fraction of their products – not good for a state of the art tech company offering bespoke solutions. Which is why we were challenged to evolve their virtual sales space into something altogether more in keeping with image they wanted to project.

Virtual environments need to feel real.

We quickly saw that a simple space simply wouldn’t do. Given the number of solutions it needed to support, it needed to be hugely multi-faceted – and the more we could make the experience immersive, the more it would allow customers to imagine the impact of the technology.

So we designed and built a virtual Shopping Mall – a fully realised computer generated environment, made to showcase Midwich solutions, and with a sense of scale that created an immediate impact. Each space within the Mall was designed to showcase a specific configuration of products, with a specific sector in mind – so that prospective clients could virtually visit a specific space without having to navigate the entire environment.

And because it was built bespoke, we knew it worked – so no more tech mishaps either.