Brand & Packaging Design (Yare Valley Oils)

Client: Yare Valley Oils
Project: Brand & Packaging Design
Services: Branding, Design

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Great brands are rooted in the past whilst looking firmly to the future.

The Mack family have been farming the Yare valley for over 100 years, makers of an extra virgin rapeseed oil that is second to none. But when we met them their ambitions had outgrown their cottage industry, and they had their sights firmly set on premium national listings and a presence in up-market food culture. Our challenge was to tell their story in a more contemporary way, a new brand for a new audience and a new chapter in Mack family history.

If you wouldn’t put it on Instagram it isn’t going in the basket…or tote bag.

The age-old values of Yare valley oils – wholesomeness, simplicity, provenance, quality – were supremely important to communicate through the packaging – it’s what the consumer is looking for. But we were also aware that, to an extent, those values were at parity with the values of the category – the key was to stand out.

And in the era of unboxing and #instafood, consumers are also looking for premium packaging that feels at home in a social post – not to mention that influential stockists will curate their shelves like consumable galleries.

So we drew on this social food culture too, stripping back the design, infusing the brand with positivity through a vibrant palette, introducing ingredient icons to land provenance and quality in a modern way.

Yare Valley oils have grown premium listings by 10% since the rebrand.

From a volume perspective they have never sold more product than now.

And from a food culture perspective, the bottle now sits on-shelf in a host of highly influential stockists, including one Shoreditch retailer that enjoys over 14k uses of its name as a hashtag on instagram.

But wherever it goes, the bottle still proudly declares it’s roots in the Yare valley, and the wonderful Mack family.