UEA – Anniversary Festival campaign

October 2013

To mark UEA’s 50th anniversary last weekend, we were responsible for devising the campaign to promote the festival of anniversary celebrations. Consisting of events across the year, we were involved to ensure complete consistency – visually and thematically – across the series of events.

The tickets sold out within a week of being promoted, but we managed to catch the culmination of events on the Saturday evening. It was a brilliant atmosphere, and great to see our designs adorning the university – even in the celebratory bunting!

For the project, we were able to scope out a multi-channel media plan that targeted our two core target audiences (alumni and families within the Norwich community), and through working closely with the events team we were able to completely align the look and feel of each event with the promotional material, including posters, leaflets and signage, and where they were placed. We’ve already had feedback crediting the consistency of experience from promotional items through to the actual event. The creative was quirky, simultaneously promoting both day and night events with a simple twist of the 60’s inspired illustration – one way a volcano, the other a big top.

8colUEA-50th-Festival-Digital-6sheet-Design 8colUEA-50th-Festival-Email-covers 8colUEA-50th-Festival-A5-inside 8colUEA-50th-Festival-A5-inside-2

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