Today is a big day

August 2016

Today is a big day for students and universities alike. Both await the A-level results that will shape, respectively, their next three years and 2016 intake. Tireless efforts will have been made by both parties – students to get the highest grades, and universities to effectively communicate their credibility and relevance. Today is the day that each finds out how well they’ve done!


And while the increasing struggle for students is well publicised, the changing challenge facing universities is less so.  Since the introduction of higher tuition fees, savvy students now want assurances that their university education will lead to a rewarding career, and that their university takes its role in getting them to that point seriously. For this young and aspiring audience, it is important to know that inspiring and forward-thinking people are going to lead them there.


Though this might not sound like the basis for a groundbreaking marketing strategy, a bold positioning centered on ‘inspiring’ rather than ‘informing’ is a challenge to sector conventions. It is an approach adopted recently by UEA (University of East Anglia) that got them noticed. In their most recent campaign –which we supported them to deliver – prospective students are delivered information via stories that appeal to their aspirations and ambition. UEA have harnessed their difference and brilliance by championing life-changing research, pioneering learning techniques and the nurturing of future talent to demonstrate their relevance in a more meaningful way.


Fingers crossed for everyone today – may all of your hard work pay off!

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