Norfolk County Council – Recycling Revolution

March 2015

After the success of the Recycling Revolution campaign we created for Norfolk Waste Partnership, who now offer residents across Norfolk increased opportunities for recycling, we’ve launched a new outdoor and radio campaign – Rinse and Recycle.

The original Recycling Revolution campaign for Norfolk County Council was created to increase recycling rates by making people more aware of what they can and can’t recycle in their kerbside collection. Within the first quarter of the launch the Norfolk Waste Partnership saw an increase in recycling of 10%, rising to a 40% in the second quarter. This prompted the next stage of the campaign to improve the quality of recycling, and the need to clean recycling before it is thrown away.

We look forward to continued success with Rinse and Recycle – for its worthy cause and of course, happy clients!

8col-NCC-recycling-revolution-a5leaflet 8col-NCC-recycling-revolution-counsellors 8col-NCC-recycling-revolution-truck

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