Lark brochure

March 2015

We received another of our Lark magazine designs through the door this morning! This one features foil embossing and uses specialist stock to give an expert, individually-tailored feel. Lark Insurance are recognised as one of the top 40 insurance brokers in the UK, priding themselves with a reputation built on experience, professionalism and integrity. We’ve been working with them to improve customer communication after policy purchase to encourage more policy renewals. Harnessing their ‘made to measure’ ethos, outstanding customer service and comprehensive cover USPs, we developed a compelling visual identity to gain standout and enhance reputation and loyalty.

8col-Lark-music-cover 8col-Lark-life-spread-2 8col-Lark-music-spread3 8col-Lark-music-spread 8col-Lark-life-spread 8col-Lark-life-spread-3 8col-Lark-music-spread4

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