Hur-rar to the power of good relationships!

August 2016

We recently got sight of our annual RAR (Recommended Agency Register) report and it got us thinking about the ways we work with clients and the values that underpin our approach to collaboration.

We’ve always been an emotional bunch; passionate in our work and heartfelt in our relationships. Some days this can be tiring – the downside of putting yourself wholeheartedly into your work is that you take things personally if you don’t achieve what you set out to. We couldn’t work any other way though, and we don’t have to beat ourselves up too often!

We’ve learnt over time that when strong and trusting relationships are forged the end product is better. When there is mutual respect, openness to share information and knowledge, and a shared drive to challenge the status quo, the work produced is something that everyone involved can be proud of.

So how do you build these types of relationships? It’s not always easy, but here are a few thoughts from our experience that may help:

Be collaborative

Working closely with clients (as opposed to being an ‘admin function’ processing requests) is vital. Getting to this point can be helped by considering the observations below…

Listen and trust

Between us we will have different skillsets. A productive relationship will see both parties take heed of each other’s expertise and listen to ideas.

Learn and challenge

Equally, those different skillsets and different perspectives should be harnessed to drive strategic and creative thinking.

Inspire and motivate

Client and agency work towards the same goals, but these can become lost among the daily workload. A good relationship is about inspiring and motivating each other to achieve more.

Emotion and instincts

Our industry is centred on emotion and behaviours. Don’t ever allow this to be absent from your decisions, or your working relationships!

As our recent RAR report proved, working hard at building honest and rewarding relationships is worth it! Thank you to all our lovely clients who contributed to the report – you are testament to the power of good client relationships.