Hi, I’m Lily

August 2016

Every year we’re delighted to welcome a high school work experience into our agency to help him or her learn more about our industry and gain experience of live work. This July saw 14 year old Lily Tye join us for an immersive crash course in graphic design, and we miss her already! She was an absolute pleasure to work with, bubbling with enthusiasm and ideas – a definite future talent! We invited her to write about her week with us…

“I’m Lily and I had the pleasure of working with osbornenash for my work experience.

Before starting, I met with Carole and had a conversation about what I wanted to learn and gain from the experience.

On my first day I was set the task of taking a photo of new team member Steph for the osbornenash website. I was really pleased that they put so much trust in me from the start. This made me feel like I was part of the team and I felt really included.

As I did on the second day, when I got to join the team for lunch – they do this every month as a thank you to the team.

Then I got set to work on a project. This was something I never imagined, I thought I would be making teas and coffees and, if I was lucky, oversee some work the company was doing. I was so lucky that a company that was ultimately doing me a favour, was so kind and considerate of what I would get from the experience.

By the end of it I really began to understand what a designer does everyday – and I even managed to finish my project, which I was so happy about as it gave me something real to show my friends and family (and to show off about how cool my work experience was)!

I just want to say thank you osbornenash – you are a kind, thoughtful and inclusive company and I loved my week with you!”