Ever green

June 2016

Since joining osbornenash over four years ago our designer George has been witnessing many attempts here at osbornenash at recycling and taking more responsibility for our business impact. All (well, most) were supported with good intention – we are all personally quite a conscious bunch – but bad habits prevailed and momentum was lost.

So George has now decided to take matters into her own hands… or green fingers… and enforce some more stringent changes to reduce our impact. Beyond shutting down our computers and turning lights off at night, we needed to take a more rounded look at the decisions we were making. Here are some of the positive changes George has introduced already:

  • Sourcing everyday products in a more considerate way – our coffee and tea is now fair-trade and produced by companies that are sustainable.
  • We swapped to hand soap and washing-up liquid that is not tested on animals and is paraben-free, allowing it to biodegrade more easily and be gentler on the environment.
  • Our new toilet roll is made from 100% recycled paper and we have also switched our everyday printer paper to a recycled stock.

From now on we will buy recycled pens, envelopes, folders and whiteboard markers as well as locally-brewed alcohol and British sugar.

Streamlining our waste and recycling system – we have swapped individual general waste bins for a centralised system of bins (recycling, glass and composting), as well as a box where all single-sided print outs can be recycled internally to create sketchpads before they leave our office to be recycled again.

So far the changes have been met with great enthusiasm, with many staff taking inspiration to make more meaningful changes in their lives outside of work. Fingers crossed, we can continue to reduce our impact and influence others to do more.