Design as organic as its roots

May 2017

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of working with Yare Valley, a family-run company that has farmed the rich soil of the Yare Valley and produced award-winning products since the 1900s.

They were looking to develop their brand to better reflect their changing business and compete in a fast-moving market. The locally-sourced and farmed produce market has grown exponentially in recent years, with more and more competitors emerging. New ones, in particular, are prepared and savvy, with fresh and tantalising brands ready to exploit the market appetite for wholesome and organic products.

Yare Valley recognised the opportunity to step up and compete in this increasingly busy arena. With a business that already operated with the integrity and conviction required to meet consumer expectations of quality and provenance, they needed to develop a brand to match.

Central to the existing Yare Valley brand was consistency across packaging (notably their bottled products – oils, dressings and infusions), which featured a uniting symbol that offered the flexibility to promote a diverse portfolio of products. For them, packaging has always served as one of the key filters through which consumers experience their brand, but it needed to be a much more accurate reflection of the brand’s heart, heritage and ambition.

Key to communicating “goodness” is honest, simple and clean design that starts with a clear vision of what a brand stands for and its offer to consumers. For Yare Valley, the final concept was a symbol of trust and honesty – foundations on which the company was built on. Harmonious and natural colours were introduced, creating a platform for delivering a pure and compelling message.

Yare Valley rolled out the new brand earlier this month and we look forward to seeing the results.

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