Merchandising Design

Merchandising remains a powerful way to ensure your existing or prospective customers keep you in mind. From stationery to cuddly toys, there are limitless items with which to promote your brand, organisation or cause.

Custom merchandising design services

Here at borne we are able to create custom merchandise for all manner of business, public sector and charitable organisations, and have extensive experience in advising on the right item or items for a given target audience. From band ‘merch’ to low-key corporate merchandise, we can deliver the audacious, the zany and the supremely elegant with equal skill.

Our talented in-house team of graphic designers, product experts, marketers and copywriters will work in harmony to produce dazzling merchandise that perfectly fits your brief.

Alongside our expertise in creative design, we place a heavy focus on quality, so that the printing/stitching and final colour reproduction of your merchandise all precisely meet the standards of the original design.