Infographic Leaflet Design Services

Infographic leaflets are a powerful way to convey a set of data so that a reader can understand it quickly and easily. Even complex data sets can be distilled into visually engaging graphics, words and numbers.

Business, public & non-profit infographics

Here at borne we create professional infographic leaflets for corporate, public and non-profit organisations of all types and sizes. Informed by our extensive experience in marketing, copywriting and graphic design, our specialist infographic artists are adept at creating unique, compelling infographics that linger in the mind and present a professional image.

Our design process

Working closely with you, we will take the time to fully understand the purpose and target audience of your infographic, before proceeding to the brainstorming and creative design stages, a key element of which is breaking the data down into logical sets.

Our deep understanding of colour palates, shapes, graphical elements, typefaces and copy combine to produce an infographic leaflet that perfectly meets the brief.

Infographics from one of the UK’s leading design agencies

We create infographic leaflets in a variety of formats and sizes, and possess a long-standing expertise in print, so you can be sure your infographic will look fabulous in the final hard copy version.

Talk to borne about your infographic leaflet project today.