Catalogue Design

Printed catalogues are a powerful tool for presenting your range of products or services – but only when done well.

borne’s in-house team has a depth of experience in producing clean, contemporary catalogues that place your offering in the best possible light, harnessing intelligent font use, stunning design and superb copy.

Luxury, Corporate and Industrial Catalogues

In many cases, established corporate branding and fonts will inform the design, but in the absence of these we will proceed in the most appropriate and effective way, whether the focus is luxury, corporate, or industrial.

We live and breathe inspirational printed matter, so we can advise on the right paper stock to use for the given brief, as well as on binding choices and less traditional presentation components – such as sleeves and folding elements.

The use of high quality photos and graphics is also fundamental to producing an amazing catalogue.

Retail, Housing, Automotive and More

We can produce catalogues for retail, food, housing, automotive and all manner of industrial applications, whether your products or services are numbered in the dozens – or in the thousands.

Get in touch with borne to discuss your design needs.