Annual Report Design

Let’s face it, most annual reports are a little dull. Pertinent or interesting facts are often buried in an ocean of text, with little to pull the reader through.

But why not make your next annual report a dazzling affair? One that is so visually alluring people can’t help but pick it up?

Creative Annual Report Designs

While simplicity is often the best way to approach annual report design, there are many ways to enhance the final publication. What if your next annual report highlighted crucial information and facts about your business in a uniquely engaging way? What if you harnessed the power of stunning infographics to communicate complex data?

Pull Quotes, Typography and Print Finishes

Alongside superb copy, the use of pull quotes, intelligent typography, and fantastic print finishes and binding will result in a truly memorable (and readable) annual report that puts all previous incarnations in the shade.

Here at borne we’ve worked on annual reports for organisations large and small – including limited companies, PLCs and non-profits/charities.

Take the first step towards delivering an annual report that will amaze your colleagues.

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