Style Guides

The term ‘style guide’ is often used interchangeably with style books, brand guidelines and numerous other document types. What each of those mean in practice may differ.

However, developing a clear visual style guide nearly always defines which logos should be used how and where, together with specific colour palettes, typefaces for different uses, and general dos and don’ts (e.g. don’t use the logo with certain background colours or modify it inappropriately).

In the realm of journalism or copy creation, a house style guide covers how to use language when communicating online or in print: how to handle things like grammar and syntax, names and titles, abbreviations, numbers – and a host of other aspects of textual communication.

Maintaining Brand Consistency

In whatever capacities a style guide functions, above all else it exists to maintain consistency across a brand, engendering recognition and trust in customers and employees. Style guides can be handed to new staff members, so they know exactly how to maintain a brand’s look and communication style.

Here at borne we’ve created style guides for organisations across a wide range of sectors.

Let us work with you to create a clear, beautiful style guide that will help you and your staff maintain brand consistency across all your channels.