Creating Your Mission & Values

Mission statements are meant to define precisely what a company does – and why. This bite-size piece of text should leave potential clients and staff clear in their understanding of what your organisation wants to achieve and the (hopefully noble) values behind those objectives.

Sadly, most mission statements do not succeed.

But, given modern corporate environments and hierarchies, this failure is understandable. Defining your organisation with a beautifully simple mission statement is no easy task. Its creation is often made more difficult by having multiple contributors and by the overuse of big fancy words – chosen to impress – but often resulting in confusion or even alienation.

Your mission statement should inspire your customers to feel they are buying from a company with a real ethos; a company that contributes to society in some way – even if it’s simply delivering delicious pizza or creating beautiful haircuts. Equally, employees should have a clear understanding of what your organisation wants to achieve – and to feel good about it.

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