Branding – Tone of Voice Guidelines

Establishing a set of tone of voice guidelines helps you to communicate effectively with your customers, employees and investors; it helps them understand what makes you tick.

It’s the choice of words, and the manner, rhythm, and pace of the language you use on your websites, packaging, emails and social media.

Expert Brand Voice Development

Here at borne, we help all manner of public, private, and non-profit entities to ask  (and answer) crucial questions about what drives your organisation forward – and what sets it apart.

Your Brand Voice: Questions We’ll Ask

Tone-of-voice development experts at borne will ask a series of pertinent questions: why was your organisation set up in the first place? What human values do you offer? How is the way you work different from the competition?

We’ll also work with you to establish how informal or formal your language will be – which will depend largely on your business and your clientele. Will technical language win out over everyday terms? Is there a happy medium to be had? To what degree, if any, should your organisation use colloquialisms and slang? Can customer focus groups or interviews help find the best way to communicate with your target market?

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