People use brands as tools, recognisable little shortcuts to positive experiences and associations that help to make decisions quicker and easier.

Why Branding?

And brands that are used consistently over time and build meaningful connections develop a quantifiable equity to their owners for that very reason.

Just ask Coca Cola. Or McDonalds. Or Apple. Or Nike.

As a branding agency with bags of experience working with brands across a range of industries, categories and audiences, we’re pretty skilled at helping businesses create a brand identity that embodies their ethos, reflects their stories, and creates the right associations. Not to mention breathes new life into their organisation.

We also completely believe in the combination of identity design and brand marketing strategy, and we’ve seen firsthand that when your business branding works, your business works.

Building a powerful brand that intuitively stands for something meaningful to customers, clients, partners and stakeholders will set you apart  – and can pay dividends in the long term.

Branding Mechanics

There’s a lot to think about as you’re developing and building your brand identity.

Graphic design branding and logo creation are just a handful of the aspects of your branding you’ll need to think about.

You’ll also need to consider tone of voice, use of imagery, personality, values, implementation guidelines to ensure your brand is applied consistently, guidance on how you communicate differently for internal and external audiences…and don’t get us started on social.

Don’t panic -we can help with all that and more.